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  4. Lady Claire Is All That by Maya Rodale

Arabella had been his first, his only, loss. There were at least a dozen of varying degrees of pretty and pretty hopeless. Fox followed his gaze, and when he saw who his friend had in mind, his stomach dropped.

Lady Francesca Meets Her Match

Shy, stuttering English miss who at least knows the rules of society? But one of the Americans? Fox let the question hang there. The Cavendish family had A Reputation the minute the news broke that the new Duke of Durham was none other than a lowly horse trainer from the former colonies. He and his sisters were scandalous before they even set foot in London. That was the thing: She was known to bore a gentleman to tears by discussing not the weather, or hair ribbons, or gossip of mutual acquaintances, but math.

It seemed insane that Fox should succeed where the duchess failed. But Fox and his Male Pride had never, not once, backed away from a challenge, especially not when the stakes had never been higher. He knew two truths about himself: And he was not in the mood for soul searching or crafting a new identity when the old one suited him quite well. Given this nonsense with Arabella, he had to redeem himself in the eyes of the ton, not to mention his own. It was an impossible task, but one that Fox would simply have to win. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Lady Claire Is All That This author has it on good authority that Miss Arabella Vaughn has done something utterly scandalous and completely unthinkable. He and Arabella were perfect together. Fox had taken one look at her and thought: They were great together. And then she had eloped. Both men stared at him, slack jawed. The two gentlemen stood eye to eye, the tension thick. He was probably right, but he was definitely ignored. Lady Claire Cavendish seemed destined to be a hopeless spinster and social pariah.

He was a winner. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. There were always women at weddings. Bridget looked happier than he had ever seen her, but Franny looked lonely. He crossed the room toward her. We sat next to each other through out the whole thing, from the moment Lady Claire walked down the aisle, to the end when my brother kissed her far too passionately than is proper at a wedding. Brought tears to my eyes, it did.

We both know it. Challenging him to disagree with her. He wondered what had happened that she would believe such a thing. Probably because he was too busy chasing girls, and admiring the way their breasts rose above, say, a pale silk gown or the way a dark curl brushed against a bare shoulder. Or the way Franny kept glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

This is your way of achieving a love match. His heart did a thing. A thing that felt like an extra tight squeeze and even an extra beat. She was something else and he was hooked. Marcus gazed at her, drinking in bright green eyes fringed with dark lashes, a little rosebud of a mouth, and high cheekbones. No fluttering, no blushing. Flattering would get him nowhere with this one, which only served to make him like her more.

The girls, too, keep their distance, for the same reasons I reckon. No one to match wits with. No one to steal kisses with. He left those words on spoken. But she heard him. He knew because there was the slightest almost imperceptible wobble of her chin. But she recovered her composure swiftly—he suspected that her great power was remaining composed under all circumstances, which, of course, made him desperately curious to see her un-composed.

And then, she smiled at him. One of those dazzling smiles that was real; he knew because her eyes were sparkling and her cheeks were pink and her lip was a little crooked. Though it pained Lady Francesca to admit it, she could not stop thinking of that American. The wedding had been days ago.

Dave and Claire Crosby Melt Hearts with ‘A Million Dreams’

Life had returned to normal, except that her brother and Claire had gone off on their honeymoon. But This Marcus William King fellow was still in town and he constantly plagued her thoughts. He was merely some hulking, uncivilized American who spoke far too intimately with her than was proper. Those broad shoulders, though. And his wide chest and muscled arms that slightly strained at the fabric of his jacket. To say nothing of the way she felt all hot and sparkly when he looked at her and when he teased her.

Are you keeping up with the Cavendishes?

No one ever teased her. And yes, he spoke intimately to her, as if he knew her and had a right to speak of such things. This complete stranger saw her and understood her more completely than anyone else in England. In just an afternoon.

And now it was his company that she craved, if only to spar with him and tell him how wrong he was about her even though he was right and a dozen other things and perhaps tell him that he needed to get a properly sized jacket, for his muscles were too constrained by the one he wore. Francesca was not unhappy when she saw Marcus at another ball, which he attended with the Cavendish family—namely the duchess, the duke and his intended. All the others were on their honeymoons.

While anyone else would have thought her horribly rude, Marcus seemed to understand. Fortunately, accepting my invitation is just following the rules, so no one has to know your heart is leaping at the prospect of a waltz with me. She would never say her heart was warmed or even leaping—she was too British for that—but she felt a sense of heat and pleasure at his words. That blunt, plain spoken American honesty was having a way with her.

Behind the Scenes: Lady Claire Is All That

It was horrifying and wonderful all at once. He smiled like he knew exactly what she meant by those words: I want nothing more. He took her in his arms. This would probably be a disaster; already she was painfully aware of how this must look to everyone watching.

Potato Variety Database

The haughty Lady Francesca was waltzing with the American. Not the American duke—but his untitled friend of uncertain profession or province. This would be in the gossip columns in the morning. There was nothing to do now but enjoy herself. To her surprise, it was not difficult. Francesca felt herself smile.

She issued the compliment with some surprise. Born and raised near Maryland, and grew up with James. I now have a fur trading operation near Brooklyn, which you probably have not heard of. It borders Manhattan, which surely you must know of. I have high hopes for Manhattan real estate. And then he told her more about it as they danced. She was enchanted by the low rumble of his voice and intrigued by his stories of this foreign city.

As entranced by him as she was, Lady Francesca was not completely unaware of the London society that surrounded her: And then there was this man and the flicker of interest and excitement he made her feel about him. When the orchestra concluded, he escorted her to the side of the ballroom. The overheated, overcrowded ballroom. Lady Francesca, possessing an above average intelligence, knew that he was not asking her about air.

He was coolly inquiring about more. The gentlemen of her acquaintance never asked her for more. They were all too scared of her. And because of that, among other reasons—those arms, that wit, that smile that made her insides feel fluttery—she said:.

Lady Claire Is All That by Maya Rodale

There was no beating around the bush with Marcus, thank goodness, and he swept her into his arms and claimed her mouth with his. After days of thinking about him and perhaps, in the quiet hours of the night, imagining this, she was ready. Francesca melted into his embrace.