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  3. Scarred: She was a slave to her father. Pain was her only escape.

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It was easy to follow the events and when they happened and the style is clear and non-fussy.

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Sophie Andrews managed to tell her story without going off on too many rambles. That said, I read for entertainment and this was definitely not entertaining. I found it really uncomfortable to read. The descriptions of the child abuse were too graphic and I found myself trying to skim over them. I get that it was all part of Andrews' story but I don't really get why they had to be detailed in the book.

Other than that, it was interesting and a quick enough read. View all 4 comments. This is a book about sexual abuse.

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I, fortunately, have never been a victim of abuse, sexual or otherwise, and while I know it exists, it's a topic I have a hard time wrapping my head around. Sophie was not only sexually abused in horrific ways, she was abused by her father, who also prostituted her out to his friends while he watched. The book tells her story, which details the abuse, and also includes her years spent in mental institutions, her use of cutting to dull the pain an oxymoron, I kn This is a book about sexual abuse. The book tells her story, which details the abuse, and also includes her years spent in mental institutions, her use of cutting to dull the pain an oxymoron, I know I am fascinated by why we do the crazy shit we do, particularly the horrible, awful, unimaginable shit.

What goes wrong in a brain nature and nurture that a father not only abuses his daughter, in order to fulfill some very weird perversions, but also invites his friends to join in? And what type of grown men join their friend in the sexual abuse of his daughter? And if this happens in the UK where women are treated with respect and dignity, at least in theory, what the hell is going on around the world in these countries where women are openly regarded as property, and not particularly valued property?

The discussion and exploration of cutting was informative and fascinating. I'm generally familiar with what cutting is Needless to say, I still can't wrap my head around what happened to this girl. I still can't imagine what drives a father biological or not to molest his daughter. I do have a better appreciation for the healing process that needs to occur to allow the victims to go on, as well as all the bumps and barriers along the way.

I won't call this a "good" read.

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I will say it was a worthwhile one, though. Not that it matters that Sophie was older when the abuse started perhaps it was designed to make a point. But on some level, after having read the book, and having seen several others recommended to me on Amazon as a result of my purchase, I wonder if this is a trend It just bothers me, and I'm not sure why, but it does.

I want to ask, why this picture? I wonder if putting a teen on the cover would lessen or at least dampen the awfulness on some subconscious level in the same way that the girl in a mini-skirt is somehow a little responsible for the rape. A voluptuous teen, or even a not so voluptuous teen might not seem so innocent Maybe it is just me. Biography of the most brutal kind.

Depressing to think that this really happened to someone. Amazing to think that someone could find a sense of balance and understanding about her past after experiencing such a godforsaken life. Incredible that this person could then turn around and attempt to help others through similar experiences. I have nothing to complain about ever. Nov 28, Celia rated it really liked it.

All editing and writing comments aside, I enjoyed this book. As a mental health professional, I found it very real and honest, as well as refreshing.

Scarred (TV Series – ) - IMDb

It is never easy to admit failure or lack of progress, but mental health and addiction are wrought with both. It makes the successes, however minute, all the more incredible. I applaud the author. Jan 22, Bekki rated it really liked it. I really enjoy books like these because they are true life and although the content can be very horrible it proves that bad things probably wont last forever and there is always a way to change your life. Jun 10, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Disturbing yet inspiring, Scarred is a novel of a child's abuse and torment, and how she overcomes it as she grows up.

Haunting beyond belief, this is an unforgettable book and Sophie is an amazing author and person in general. Aug 15, Lesley Hamilton rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book shocked me in places especially when sophie found out she had MS, after all she had been and put herself through trying to recover. I am so pleased that she seems to have come out the other side and not t let that horrible man and men ruin her life completely. Aug 27, Kirsty Noah-whitlock rated it it was amazing. Amazing book by a true survivor.

Inspiring Although a harrowing tale it has been very insightful to understand why people self harm. Recommended to me as I'm an emergency services call handler and work closely with mental health services. Sad I chose a 5 star rating because I feel it was well written. This book is sad, heart breaking and eye opening. For every "Sophie" out there Feb 26, Dianne rated it it was amazing. Well written book that I really enjoyed.

Feb 03, Michael Jose rated it it was amazing. Apr 17, Sanna rated it liked it. Feb 15, Amo rated it really liked it. Sophie is a strong person to still survive with all the struggles that she's gone through. It was a page turner for me. May 06, Rebecca Haslam rated it really liked it. It's always shocking to discover the depths of depravity that some people will sink to.

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It's such a case in 'Scarred'. You'd think parents would love, cherish and encourage a child to develop and blossom into a young adult. Unfortunately, for the girl in this true life story, such was not the case. Whenever I hear about fathers abusing their children, taking away their innocence and driving them to the depths of despair, I feel sick. What made Sophie's story so compelling was, despite the horrors It's always shocking to discover the depths of depravity that some people will sink to.

What made Sophie's story so compelling was, despite the horrors of her childhood; her fathers' abuse, her subsequent self harm, it has an ending to be somewhat proud of. I shall not give said ending away but, despite the hardships, it's good to see that some victims go on to be bright, loving and genuinely caring people they deserved to be in childhood. I really don't know how to rate this book. I was expecting so much from it since it has everything I am passionate about: But I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Scarred is a heart-breaking story and the sexual abuse described in it makes me sick to my stomach.

Scarred: She was a slave to her father. Pain was her only escape.

Sophie demonstrates a lot of courage as to deal with her traumatic childhood. And it does a great job on describing her recorey: I liked it, but I didn't love it, which was kind of a let down. Maybe reading so much sbout these issues, I'm becoming too desensitized. Feb 11, Annette Gale rated it really liked it. The abuse isn't too greatly graphic which is a releif but at the same time it is detailed enough to get the gist of what kind of things she has been through.

I would recommend this book to sexual abuse survivors and self injurers beca this book really hits home for me, I have struggled with self harm as a result of sexual abuse and I find this book really relatable, the way she describes how she felt about herself and how the self harm was a coping mechanism to help survive, the relief she felt. I would recommend this book to sexual abuse survivors and self injurers because it is guarenteed to have you saying to yourself at some point "yep that sounds like me".

It is a book that is hard to put down. Oct 18, Anthea rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author is a really inspiring person and I admire her greatly.

After all that she'd been through which no one deserves , she managed to pull through it and stand tall. The amount of resilience is unbelievable. I felt deeply connected with her while reading through the biography and I literally couldn't put it down for long. I devoured the book in less than a day.