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Still ours the dance, the feast, the glorious Psalm,. WHEN angels visit earth, the messengers. LO, the divine idea of making man. Now, when the French Jew's advent was proclaimed,. To me, who, vine to stone, clung close to thee,. One less than thou had ne'er known such regret. Could doubt have swayed thee, then I ask,. But thee no doubt confused, no problems vexed. Yes, Doubt I likewise must discard. There where we flourished like a fruitful palm,. Midst the four thousand of our tribe who held. For some I write it with flushed cheek, bowed head ,. Thou couldst not fear extinction for our race;.

Here then the moment comes when I crave light. Help me, O thou who wast my boyhood's guide,. Hark to the tinkling silver bells that adorn the tenderly-carried silken scrolls. Woe to the straggler who falls by the wayside! Oh the weary march, oh the uptorn roots of home, oh the blankness of the receding goal! Whither shall they turn? Purely incrusted in its scaly casket, the breath-tarnished pearl slumbers in mud and ooze. Buried in the bowels of earth, rugged and obscure, lies the ingot of gold. OVER a boundless plain went a man, carrying seed.

From his hand dropped the fecund seed. Under its branches a divinely beautiful man, crowned with thorns, was nailed to a cross. Again there dropped from his hand the fecund seed. Under its branches a turbaned mighty-limbed Prophet brandished a drawn sword. Lo, his hands are not empty of grain, the strength of his arm is not spent. And always the patient, resolute, martyr face arose in silent rebuke and defiance. A Poet, who plucked from his bosom the quivering heart and fashioned it into a lyre.

A placid-browed Sage, uplifted from earth in celestial meditation. VAST oceanic movements, the flux and reflux of immeasurable tides, oversweep our continent. From the far Caucasian steppes, from the squalid Ghettos of Europe, 3. From Odessa and Bucharest, from Kief, and Ekaterinoslav, 4. Unto her ample breast, the generous mother of nations welcomes them. Hallevi, the honey-tongued poet, wakening amid the silent ruins of Zion the sleeping lyre of David; 3.

Moses, the wise son of Mendel, who made the Ghetto illustrious; 4. Abarbanel, the counselor of kings; Alcharisi, the exquisite singer; Ibn Ezra, the perfect old man; Gabirol, the tragic seer; 5. Heine, the enchanted magician, the heartbroken jester; 6.

Yea, and the century-crowned patriarch whose bounty engirdles the globe;— 7. But thou—hast thou faith in the fortune of Israel? Wouldst thou lighten the anguish of Jacob? Who crawls blinking forth from the loathsome recesses of the Jewry; Thou shalt say to the bigot, "My Brother," and to the creature of darkness, "My Friend.

And the world has named him an ugly worm, shunning the blessed daylight. This play is dedicated, in profound veneration and respect, to the memory of George Eliot, the illustrious writer, who did most among the artists of our day towards elevating and ennobling the spirit of Jewish nationality. Scene — Partly in Nordhausen, partly in Eisenach. Time, May, 4th, 5th, 6th, A street in the Judengasse, outside the Synagogue. During this Scene Jews and Jewesses, singly and in groups, with prayer-books in their hands, pass across the stage, and go into the Synagogue. We have begotten the Black Death— we poison.

They walk across the stage, and disappear in the Synagogue. To those who fear thee! The Synagogue crowded with worshippers. Fronting the audience under the Ark of the Covenant, stands a high desk, behind which is seen the white head of an old man bowed in prayer. Several voices speaking at once. A crooked byway in the Judengasse. Upon a richly-spread supper-table stands the seven-branched silver candlestick of the Sabbath eve. Singing of Hymns and Ringing of Church-bells. A Room in the Wartburg Monastery. A mean apartment in one of the Towers of the Landgrave's Palace.

Steward lays down the lamp and exit. A cell in the Wartburg Monastery. On the road to Nordhausen. On the right between high, white cliffs a narrow stream spanned by a wooden bridge. Thick bushes and trees. The City Hall at Nordhausen. Deputies and Burghers assembling. To the right, at a table near the President's chair, is seated the Public Scrivener. A Street in the Judengasse. Several Jews pass across the stage, running and with gestures of distress.

God with a mighty hand, a stretched-out arm, 1. Above in the gallery, women sumptuously attired; some with children by the hand or infants in their arms. Below the men and boys with silken scarfs about their shoulders. The Lord is nigh unto the broken heart. Into the depths, he shall be great in time. Thus the Lord hath said: Citizens and officers rush in.

Crowds of Citizens assembled. Enter, in procession to music, the Jews. Some of the men carry gold and silver vessels, some the Rolls of the Law. The mothers have their children by the hand or in their arms. NIGHT, and the heavens beam serene with peace,. WILL night already spread her wings and weave.

THE Autumn promised, and he keeps. MY friend spoke with insinuating tongue:. Look how it hisses in the leathern bottle like a captured serpent. I know not that the power of wine has ever overmastered my sorrows; for these mighty giants I have found as yet no resting-place. WITH heavy groans did I approach my friends,. WHERE is the man who has been tried and found strong and sound? BUT yesterday the earth drank like a child. LONG in the lap of childhood didst thou sleep,.

AND so we twain must part! O CITY of the world, with sacred splendor blest,. MY two-score years and ten are over,. A watery waste the sinful world has grown,. O WEST, how fragrant breathes thy gentle air,. THE shadow of the houses leave behind,. Thou who art clothed in silk, who drawest on. UNTO the house of prayer my spirit yearns,. THE long-closed door, oh open it again, send me back once more my fawn that had fled.

On the day of our reunion, thou shalt rest by my side, there wilt thou shed over me the streams of thy delicious perfume. Oh beautiful bride, what is the form of thy friend, that thou say to me, Release him, send him away? He is the beautiful-eyed one of ruddy glorious aspect — that is my friend, him do thou detain. Hail to thee, Son of my friend, the ruddy, the bright-colored one! Hail to thee whose temples are like a pomegranate. Hasten to the refuge of thy sister, and protect the son of Isaiah against the troops of the Ammonites.

What art thou, O Beauty, that thou shouldst inspire love? The hour wherein thou desireth my love, I shall hasten to meet thee. Softly will I drop beside thee like the dew upon Hermon. NOW the dreary winter's over,. Crocus and spikenard blossom on my lawn,. The wife was lost and died. The perils he met with on the way, and the death of his father. Dido falls in love with AEneas; but he steals away from Carthage, and Dido, on a funeral pyre, puts an end to her life. AEneas reaches Sicily, and celebrates there the games in honor of Anchises.

This book corresponds to the Iliad , xxiii. AEneas visits the infernal regions. This book corresponds to Odyssey , xi. Latinus king of Italy entertains AEneas, and promises to him Lavinia his daughter in marriage, but prince Turnus had been already betrothed to her by the mother, and raises an army to resist AEneas. Preparations on both sides for a general war. Turnus, during the absence of AEneas, fires the ships and assaults the camp. The episode of Nisus and Eury'alus. The war between Turnus and AEneas.

Episode of Mezentius and Lausus.

The Discrowned King Duology Series

Turnus challenges AEneas to single combat, and is killed. The story of Sinon and taking of Troy is borrowed from Pisander, as Macrobius informs us. The story of the wooden horse and the burning of Troy are from Arcti'nus of Miletus. Was I for this nigh wrecked upon the sea, And twice by awkward wind from England's bank Drove back again unto my native clime? Yet Aeolus would not be a murderer, But left that hateful office unto thee. Shakespeare, 2 Henry VI. What says my AEsculapius?

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Shakespeare, Merry Wives of Windsor , act ii. He was restored to youth by Medea, who infused into his veins the juice of certain herbs. In such a night, Medea gather'd the enchanted herbs That did renew old Aeson. Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice , act v. The young son of Henry VI. Aesop of Arabia , Lokman; and Nasser fifth century. Aesop of England , John Gay Aesop of France , Jean de la Fontaine Aesop of Germany , Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Aesop of India , Bidpay or Pilpay third century B.

AFER, the south-west wind; Notus, the full south. Notus and Afer, black with thundrous clouds. Milton, Paradise Lost , x.


As Aladdin refused to hand it to the magician, he shut him in the cavern and left him there. Aladdin contrived to get out by virtue of a magic ring, and learning the secret of the lamp, became immensely rich, built a superb palace, and married the sultan's daughter.

Several years after, the African resolved to make himself master of the lamp, and accordingly walked up and down before the palace, crying incessantly, "Who will change old lamps for new! Aladdin caused him to be poisoned in a draught of wine. From the hundred chimneys of the village, Like the Afreet in the Arabian story [ Introduct.

Tale ], Smoky columns tower aloft into the air of amber. Longfellow, The Golden Milestone. Oates, in the same satire, is called "Corah. Introduced by Shakespeare in his Troilus and Cres'sida. Vixere fortes ante Agamem'nona , "There were brave men before Agamemnon;" we are not to suppose that there were no great and good men in former times. A similar proverb is, "There are hills beyond Pentland and fields beyond Forth. The maid told Fingal to beware of her father, who had set an ambush to kill him.

Fingal, being thus forewarned, slew the men in ambush; and Starno, in rage, murdered his daughter, who was buried by Fingal in Ardven [ Argyll ]. The daughter of the snow overheard, and left the hall of her secret sigh. She came in all her beauty, like the moon from the cloud of the east. Loveliness was around her as light. Her step was like the music of songs.

She saw the youth, and loved him. He was the stolen sigh of her soul. Her blue eyes rolled in secret on him, and she blessed the chief of Morven. From Helicon's harmonious springs A thousand rills their mazy progress take. Gray, Progress of Poetry. She had three sons at a birth, Primond, Diamond, and Triamond. Being anxious to know the future lot of her sons, she went to the abyss of Demogorgon, to consult the "Three Fatal Sisters. And when the next shall likewise ended be, That both their lives may likewise be annext Unto the third, that his may so be trebly wext.

Spenser, Faery Queen , iv. As he was walking one day with Vishnoo, the insolent ocean asked the god who the pigmy was that strutted by his side. Vishnoo replied it was the patriarch Agastya, who was going to restore earth to its true balance. Ocean, in contempt, spat its spray in the pigmy's face, and the sage, in revenge of this affront, drank the waters of the ocean, leaving the bed quite dry.

He was the son of a potter, and raised himself from the ranks to become general of the army. He reduced all Sicily under his power. When he attacked the Carthaginians, he burnt his ships that his soldiers might feel assured they must either conquer or die. Agathocles died of poison administered by his grandson B. Voltaire has a tragedy called Agathocle , and Caroline Pichler has an excellent German novel entitled Agathocles. This is considered the best of his novels, though some prefer his Don Sylvia de Rosalva. Personified in the being who presided over the Acrasian "bowre of blis.

The story of Agdistis and Atys is apparently a myth of the generative powers of nature. He lived in "the castle at Walworth. It was the smallest of houses, with queer Gothic windows by far the greater part of them sham , and a Gothic door, almost too small to get in at On Sundays he ran up a real flag The bridge was a plank, and it crossed a chasm about four feet wide and two deep At nine o'clock every night "the gun fired," the gun being mounted in a separate fortress made of lattice-work.

It was protected from the weather by a tarpaulin Dickens, Great Expectations , xxv. Scott, Count Robert of Paris time, Rufus. Plutarch tells us that Agesilaus, king of Sparta, was one day discovered riding cock-horse on a long stick, to please and amuse his children. He was wrecked on the loadstone mountain, which drew all the nails and iron bolts from his ship; but he overthrew the bronze statue on the mountain-top, which was the cause of the mischief. Agib visited the ten young men, each of whom had lost the right eye, and was carried by a roc to the palace of the forty princesses, with whom he tarried a year.

The princesses were then obliged to leave for forty days, but entrusted him with the keys of the palace, with free permission to enter every room but one. On the fortieth day curiosity induced him to open this room, where he saw a horse, which he mounted, and was carried through the air to Bag dad. The horse then deposited him, and knocked out his right eye with a whisk of its tail, as it had done the ten "young men" above referred to.

Aldrich's poem, The Sisters' Tragedy Two sisters loved one man. He being dead, Grief loosed the lips of her he had not wed, And all the passion that through heavy years, Had masked in smiles, unmasked itself in tears. Agneia is the spouse of Encra'tes or temperance.

Fully described in canto x. Greek, agneia , "chastity. Wickfield the solicitor, and David Copperfield's second wife after the death of Dora, "his child wife". Agnes is a very pure, self-sacrificing girl, accomplished, yet domestic. Dickens, David Copperfield When grown to womanhood she quits the convent, and standing one evening on a balcony a young man passes and takes off his hat to her, she returns the salute; he bows a second and third time, she does the same; he passes and repasses several times, bowing each time, and she does as she has been taught to do by acknowledging the salute.

Of course, the young man Horace becomes her lover, whom she marries, and M. Arnolphe loses his "model wife. She pretends to be wholly unsophisticated and verdantly ingenuous. Agnes Black , the countess of March, noted for her defence of Dunbar against the English. Black Agnes , the palfry of Mary queen of Scots, the gift of her brother Moray, and so called from the noted countess of March, who was countess of Moray Murray in her own right.

Prudence Aurelius Prudentius Clemens , a Latin Christian poet of the fourth century, has a poem on the subject. Tintoret and Domenichi'no have both made her the subject of a painting. Agnes and the Devil. Agnes, having escaped from the prison at Rome, took shipping and landed at St.

expatria incorporated the expatria duology book 2 Manual

The devil dogged her, but she rebuked him, and the large moor-stones between St. Agnes, in Cornwall, mark the places where the devils were turned into stone by the looks of the indignant saint. Agnes of Sorrento , heroine of novel of same name, by Harriet Beecher Stowe. The scene of the story is laid in Sorrento, Italy. His brothers were sir Gaw'ain, sir Ga'heris, and sir Gareth.

Mordred was his half-brother, being the son of king Arthur and Margawse. Sir Agravain and sir Mordred hated sir Launcelot, and told the king he was too familiar with the queen; so they asked the king to spend the day in hunting, and kept watch. The queen sent for sir Launcelot to her private chamber, and sir Agravain, sir Mordred, and twelve others assailed the door, but sir Launcelot slew them all except sir Mordred, who escaped.

Malory, History of Prince Arthur , iii. He besieges Angelica in the castle of Albracca, and is slain in single combat by Orlando.

Geoff St. Reynard

He brought into the field 2,, troops. Such forces met not, nor so wide a camp, When Agrican, with all his northern powers, Besieged Albracca. Milton, Paradise Regained , iii. He seemed to fancy himself haranguing a crowd; made another struggle for intelligence, tried once, twice to speak, and the third time succeeded: They put those two words on his tomb. AG'RIOS, Lumpishness personified; a "sullen swain, all mirth that in himself and others hated; dull, dead, and leaden. Greek, agrios ; "a savage. She was granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Claudius, sister of Caligula, and mother of Nero.

Lam'pedo of Lacedaemon was daughter, wife, sister, and mother of a king. Woodward always sustained "sir Andrew Ague-cheek" with infinite drollery, assisted by that expression of "rueful dismay," which gave so peculiar a zest to his Marplot. Ahu'bal had a magnificent tent built, and Horam the vizier had one built for the sultan still more magnificent. When the rebels made their attack, the sultan and the best of the troops were drawn off, and the sultan's tent was taken.

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The enchanters, delighted with their prize, slept therein, but at night the vizier led the sultan to a cave, and asked him to cut a rope. Next morning he heard that a huge stone had fallen on the enchanters and crushed them to a mummy. In fact, this stone formed the head of the bed, where it was suspended by the rope which the sultan had severed in the night.

He rested a moment or two at his door. AH'MED Prince , noted for the tent given him by the fairy Pari-banou, which would cover a whole army, and yet would fold up so small that it might be carried in one's pocket. The same good fairy also gave him the apple of Samarcand', a panacea for all diseases. She was loved by the seraph Samias'a, and like her sister was carried off to another planet when the Flood came. Proud, imperious, and aspiring, she denies that she worships the seraph, and declares that his immortality can bestow no love more pure and warm than her own, and she expresses a conviction that there is a ray within her "which, though forbidden yet to shine," is nevertheless lighted at the same ethereal fire as his own.

He is very handsome and fascinating, but quite "a man of the world. I thought it rather odd that Holland should be the only "mister" of the party, and I said to myself, as Gibbet said when he heard that "Aimwell" had gone to church, "That looks suspicions" act ii. The original of this rambling talker was Gahagan, whose method of conversation is thus burlesqued: She had-been brought to bed that day was a month of a very fine boy—a bad birth; for Dr.

Seeton, who served his time with Luke Lancet, of Guise's. She afterwards married Will Whitlow, another apprentice, who had great expectations from an old uncle in the Grenadiers; but he left all to a distant relation, Kit Cable, a midshipman aboard the Torbay. She was lost coming home in the channel.

The captain was taken up by a coaster from Eye, loaded with cheese—" [Now, pray, what did parson Prunello say? This is a pattern of Mrs. Scott, Legend of Montrose. Centlivre, The Busylody Sophocles has a tragedy called Ajax , in which "the madman" scourges a ram he mistakes for Ulysses. His encounter with a flock of sheep, which he fancied in his madness to be the sons of Atreus, has been mentioned at greater or less length by several Greek and Roman poets.

Don Quixote had a similar adventure. This Ajax is introduced by Shakespeare in his drama called Troilus and Cressida. Part, like Ajut, never to return. Campbell, Pleasures of Hope , ii. Aladdin, wringing his hands in despair, happened to rub the magic ring, when the genius of the ring appeared before him, and asked him his commands. Aladdin requested to be delivered from the cave, and he returned home.

By means of his lamp, he obtained untold wealth, built a superb palace, and married Badroul'boudour, the sultan's daughter. After a time, the African magician got possession of the lamp, and caused the palace, with all its contents, to be transported into Africa. Aladdin was absent at the time, was arrested and ordered to execution, but was rescued by the populace, with whom he was an immense favorite, and started to discover what had become of his palace. Happening to slip, he rubbed his ring, and when the genius of the ring appeared and asked his orders, was instantly posted to the place where his palace was in Africa.

He poisoned the magician, regained the lamp, and had his palace restored to its original place in China. Yes, ready money is Aladdin's lamp. Byron, Don Juan , xii. Aladdin's Lamp , a lamp brought from an underground cavern in "the middle of China. Aladdin answered, "I am hungry; bring me food;" and immediately a banquet was set before him.

Having thus become acquainted with the merits of the lamp, he became enormously rich, and married the sultan's daughter. By artifice the African magician got possession of the lamp, and transported the palace with its contents to Africa. Aladdin poisoned the magician, recovered the lamp, and retranslated the palace to its original site. At the top of the palace was a saloon, containing tweny-four windows six on each side , and all but one enriched with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. One was left for the sultan to complete, but all the jewellers in the empire were unable to make one to match the others, so Aladdin commanded "the slaves of the lamp" to complete their work.

Aladdin's Ring , given him by the African magician, "a preservative against every evil. Our English Athelstan, In the Northumbrian fields, with most victorious might, Put Alaff and his powers to more inglorious flight. Drayton, Potyolbion , xii.

Frederick the Great of Prussia was so called by Voltaire. Scott, Kenilworth time, Elizabeth. ALAS'NAM Prince Zeyn possessed eight statues, each a single diamond on a gold pedestal, but had to go in search of a ninth, more valuable than them all. This ninth was a lady, the most beautiful and virtuous of women, "more precious than rubies," who became his wife. One pure and perfect [woman] is When Alasnam was in search of his ninth statue, the king of the Genii gave him a test mirror, in which he was to look when he saw a beautiful girl; "if the glass remained pure and unsullied, the damsel would be the same, but if not, the damsel would not be wholly pure in body and in mind.

Shelley wrote a poem, Alastor, or the Spirit of Solitude. Cicero says he meditated killing himself that he might become the Alastor of Augustus, whom he hated. Am'phibal, and changing clothes with him, suffered death in his stead. This was during the frightful persecution of Maximia'nus Hercu'lius, general of Diocle'tian's army in Britain, when Christians fell at Lichfield. Drayton, Polyolbion , xxiv. He tells king Richard the history of his life, and tries to dissuade him from sending a letter of defiance to the archduke of Austria.

Al' berick , the squire of prince Richard, one of the sons of Henry II. Brave, liberal, and just, softened and refined by domestic ties and superior information. His ship was dashed against the projecting verge of Cape Colonna, the most southern point of Attica, and he perished in the sea because Rodmond second in command grasped one of his legs and could not be shaken off. Though trained in boisterous elements, his mind Was yet by soft humanity refined; Each joy of wedded love at home he knew, Abroad, confessed the father of his crew His genius, ever for th' event prepared, Rose with the storm, and all its dangers shared.

Falconer, The Shipwreck , i. Albert , father of Gertrude, patriarch and judge of Wyo'ming called by Campbell Wy'oming. Both Albert and his daughter were shot by a mixed force of British and Indian troops, led by one Brandt, who made an attack on the settlement, put all the inhabitants to the sword, set fire to the fort, and destroyed all the houses. He is a young German farmer, who married Charlotte Buff called "Lotte" in the novel , with whom Goethe was in love. Goethe represents himself under the name of Werther q. Paul's," and sometimes as the "monk of St.

His sons were Ugo and Fulco. From this stem springs the Royal Family of England. A chief in rapine, not in knighthood bred. Tasso, Jerusalem Delivered , xvii. In legendary history this word is variously accounted for. One derivation is from Albion, a giant, son of Neptune, its first discoverer, who ruled over the island for forty-four years. Another derivation is Al'bia, eldest of the fifty daughters of Diocle'sian king of Syria. These fifty ladies all married on the same day, and all murdered their husbands on the wedding night. By way of punishment, they were cast adrift in a ship, unmanned, but the wind drove the vessel to our coast, where these Syrian damsels disembarked.

Here they lived the rest of their lives, and married with the aborigines, "a lawless crew of devils. Drayton, in his Polyolbion , says that Albion came from Rome, was "the first martyr of the land," and dying for the faith's sake, left his name to the country, where Offa subsequently reared to him "a rich and sumptuous shrine, with a monastery attached.

Albion , king of Briton, when O'beron held his court in what is now called "Kensington Gardens. Tickell has a poem upon this subject. Albion wars with Jove's Son. Albion, son of Neptune, wars with Her'cules, son of Jove. Neptune, dissatisfied with the share of his father's kingdom, awarded to him by Jupiter, aspired to dethrone his brother, but Hercules took his father's part, and Albion was discomfited. Since Albion wielded arms against the son of Jove. Drayton, Polyolbion , iv. It had the face of a man, the cheeks of a horse, the wings of an eagle, and spoke with a human voice.

Chaunteclere, our cocke, must tell what is o'clocke, By the astrologye that he hath naturally Conceyued and caught; for he was never taught By Albumazar, the astronomer, Nor by Ptholomy, prince of astronomy. Alcestis or Alcestes, daughter of Pelias and wife of Admetus q.

On his wedding-day Admetus neglected to offer sacrifice to Diana and was condemned to die, but Apollo induced the Fates to spare his life if he could find a voluntary substitute. His wife offered to give her life for his, and went away with death; but Hercules fought with Death and restored Alcestes to her husband. This story is the subject of a tragedy Alcestes , by Euripides. Milton alludes to the incident in one of his sonnets: Methought I saw my late espoused saint Brought to me like Alcestes from the grave.

John Milton, Sonnet On his deceased Wife. William Morris has made Alcestes the subject of one of the tales in his Earthly Paradise. A variation of the story is found in Longfellow's The Golden Legend , Henry of Hoheneck when dying was promised his life if a maiden could be found who would give up her life for his. Elsie, the daughter of Gottlieb, a tenant-farmer of the prince offered herself as a sacrifice, and followed her lord to Sorrento to give herself up to Lucifer; but Henry heard of it, and, moved by gratitude, saved Elsie and made her his wife.

Alceste , the hero of Moliere's comedy Le Misanthrope. He has a pure and noble mind that has been soured and disgusted by intercourse with the world. Courtesy he holds to be the vice of fops, and the manners of society mere hypocrisy. He courts Celmene, a coquette and her treatment of his love confirms his bad opinion of mankind. The other two are Vol'pone 2 syl. The object of The Alchemist is to ridicule the belief in the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life. The alchemist is "Subtle," a mere quack; and "sir Epicure Mammon" is the chief dupe, who supplies money, etc.

The whole thing is blown up by the unexpected return of "Lovewit. Being banished by the senate, he marches against the city, and the senate, being unable to offer resistance, open the gates to him B. This incident is introduced by Shakespeare in Timon of Athens. Erasmus has a "curious dissertation on these tables" Adage , , edit.

Stephens ; hence emblematic of falsehood and dissimulation. Whose wants virtue is compared to these False tables wrought by Alcibiades; Which noted well of all were found t've bin Most fair without, but most deformed within. Browne, Britannia's Pastorals , i. The name is applied to any valiant hero. Where is the great Alcides of the field, Valiant lord Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury? Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI. In Bojardo's Orlando Innamorato she is a fairy, who carries off Astolfo. In Ariosto's Orlando Furioso she is a kind of Circe, whose garden is a scene of enchantment.

Alcina enjoys her lovers for a season, and then converts them into trees, stones, wild beasts, and so on, as her fancy dictates. The object of this work is to expose the weakness of infidelity. Al'ciphron , "the epicurean," the hero of T. Moore's romance entitled The Epicurean. Like Aleiphron, we swing in air and darkness, and know not whither the wind blows us. While her husband is absent warring against the Telebo'ans, Jupiter assumes the form of Amphitryon; but Amphitryon himself returns home the next day, and great confusion arises between the false and true Amphitryon, which is augmented by Mercury, who personates Sos'ia, the slave of Amphitryon.

By this amour of Jupiter, Alcmena becomes the mother of Her'cules. Plautus, Moliere, and Dryden have all taken this plot for a comedy entitled Amphitryon. Pantag'ruel gave "the merry fellow the lairdship of Salmigondin. The caliph Haroun-al-Raschid, in a fit of jealousy, commanded Ganem to be put to death, and his mother and sister to do penance for three days in Damascus, and then to be banished from Syria.

The two ladies came to Bag dad, and were taken in by the charitable syndic of the jewellers.