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She never gave up and she always believed in herself, even when everyone she knew turned against her and it all seemed pointless without that one person, she woke up everyday and managed to stay on track. Books in general are a sort of kind of magic, but this one had just enough magic in it to give me back a little bit of my strength.

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And of course Will Herondale. One of the most perfect fictional boyfriends. The plot of the book intrigues me.


Tessa and Will also love reading: Ballet shoes is for anyone who needs some fellow worriers and dreamers to help them along. Perfect, funny, deep and beautiful. But in the summer of I discovered The Hunger Games. This is a series I have re-read at least three times. It saved my life because it was the book that introduced me to the dystopian genre, and it gave me a different reality to escape to. Since then, I have come across even more life-saving books. And of course, the quotes always bring a smile to my face.

Sticking to contemporary, there is Eleanor and Park. It saved my life because of the message it brings; you never have to fit in. In the writing world, Vivian Versus the Apocalypse saved my life. Another book the Guardian sent me that has really made a different is All the Bright Places. It really felt special to me, one of those books you want to keep to yourself.

What the Parrot Told Alice

Gosh, this list is longer than I planned. But I think all the books on here have shaped me in one way or another. I first read it aged twelve, and even then I had a sense of the enormity of what Ishiguro accomplished in one book. It saved my life because I feel connected to Kathy. H and it is a book I have on my iPod, so I frequently read it out and about as a chance to escape to an alternate reality. GdnChildrensBks 'I was a teenage worrier' and 'Little Women' both confirmed it was wonderful to be a woman who thinks!

It came at a time when I needed something or someone like a new character to very much cling too and take strength from. Celaena completely does this for me and continues to even now. I was eleven, about to start a new school, and for a time I just hid in it. The characters were real to me, and their hope and bravery were a huge comfort.

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And I think I realised then that I could try to achieve at least some of that in my own life, no matter what was going on around me at that time. GdnChildrensBks Mine would prob be 'Catch 22' because it started me reading again aged 20, after a reading gap of 5 or 6 years. Sucheta It would be Anthem by Ayn Rand.

  • Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life | Children's books | The Guardian.
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  • Mein Regelwerk zum Frauenaufreißen (German Edition).

I read it at age An 80s child from a Bengali nuclear family where collectivist is the way to be, this book helped me articulate the crucial second argument of the thesis of my rebellion which spiritually freed me. It gave me comfort and courage in my lonely quest for clarity.

Top 10 (unconventional) ghosts in literature

Great list for all sorts of reasons: Mine is The Chrysalids, John Wyndham. It is a creative and entertaining story that just happens to teach you so much about our world and fellow creatures. It explains habitat loss from the animals perspective.

This story will touch your heart and awaken your love for this planet and all of its creatures. A reader from Charlotte, North Carolina, posted on Amazon. I felt like I was there. I have a question. How did you think of 'What the Parrot Told Alice? I have another question. Do you have advice for me? I want to be a writer like you. My class just finished 'What the Parrot Told Alice' five minutes ago. I couldn't wait to read more. I can't wait to read the next book.

Our class just read 'What the Parrot Told Alice. The other half is watching the Misfit and the grandmother interact as she tries to save her life and he manages to save her soul. The Misfit is a living man — we think — but he haunts this story from start to finish as effectively as any visitor from the grave.

In this collection of literary comic strips, Barry summons the ghosts of childhood. We meet stuffed toys, once precious, later discarded. We meet the best friend we outgrew when we turned In other words, she exhorts us all to write our stories. Topics Books 10 of the best.

Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life

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