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Edward Poynter Museum Art Replicas on Canvas.

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Based on his association with Rudyard Kipling and the subjects of his paintings that he was a Freemason, prints of his oil painting The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon are found in many Masonic Lodges around the world.

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Artists Influencing Edward John Poynter: Frederick Leighton, Charles Gleyre. He Traveled To Portugal, Italy.

Edward John (Sir) Poynter

Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, during Poynter's most creative period in the s and '70s, he produced classical pictures that quickly became some of the most famous of all Victorian classical images, including Faithful unto Death and The Catapult. Poynter's approach to Victorian classicism was unique, at least in the early part of his career.

ARC / Edward John Poynter

He combined historical accuracy with heroic action, thus creating what Barrow has called "morally imbued reconstructions of antiquity" Barrow, His style grew out of rigorous training on the Continent. Although Poynter had studied painting briefly in England, after visiting the Exposition Universelle in Paris in , he became convinced French art and French teaching were superior to anything he could hope to find in his home country.

He spent his three most formative years in Charles Gleyre's French studio imbibing the strict academic and classical precepts which Gleyre demanded.

Edward John Poynter

Like Leighton, Wood reports, "Poynter was trained in an atmosphere of heroic and romantic classicism" Wood, In Poynter achieved public fame with Faithful unto Death , a figure of a soldier courageously defending his post as Mount Vesuvius rains volcanic fury upon Pompeii. The painting was a critical success at the Academy which was the only way to establish a reputation and hence make enough money to support oneself.

Edward Poynter

Inspiration for the painting derived from the following passage in Edward Bulwer-Lytton's enormously popular and influential book, The Last Days of Pompeii:. The air was now still for a few minutes: He remained erect and motionless at his post. That hour itself had not animated the machine of the ruthless majesty of Rome into the reasoning and self-acting man.

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  • There he stood, amidst the crashing elements: One of the last duties of the eighty one year old PRA, was to attend the funeral of J. There was, though, something splendid about the way he remained consistent to the last, resisting what he saw as the corruption, and denigration of all that was beautiful in art.

    Edward Poynter Hand-Painted Oil Painting Reproductions.

    He may even have been right. Our thanks go to Paul Ripley, who also supplied his own thoughts on the obituary. Biography reprinted with the kind permission of Paul Ripley, editor of the Victorian Art in Britain website.

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    Christoper Wood, world renowned art historian specializing in the Victorian artists, wrote in to share some fascinating biographical facts with us: There is a book on the four Macdonald sisters: A Circle of Sisters by Judith Flanders. They all made remarkable marriages - one married Burne-Jones, another Poynter, another John Kipling father of Rudyard , and the fourth married Alfred Baldwin, and was mother of Stanley Baldwin.